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RP Discuss

For All Your Raging Role Play Questions

Role Playing: Discussion
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What is rp_discuss about?

Have you always wanted to ask a question about role playing but haven't found the right community to ask it in? Have you wanted to gather ideas about a role play you want to put together, but the communities you've found don't really allow it? Then rp_discuss is the place for you. Here you can ask the Raging RP questions you have about plots, characters, and role playing style.


Rule 1. No flaming.

Rule 2: Please take snark and stupidity elsewhere. There are ranting communities for a reason!

Rule 3: Keep posts on topic and relevant. If you are unsure if the topic will work with this community, feel free to contact one of the mods, their contact information is available at their profiles.

Rule 4. Please keep an open mind. This is a question community, not a church step or rally to convert others to your cause. Keep in mind that we are RPers coming from different backgrounds, so don't laugh or make fun if someone asks a question that should have an obvious answer.

Rule 5: The Mods are in charge and have the right to add on to or change these rules at any time.

Rule 6: Please learn to use LJ-Cut for long posts. Type in [LJ-Cut] or [LJ-Cut text="insert text here"] and replace the square brackets with pointed brackets. For sensitive posts please use an LJ-Cut and place a warning on the post. Sensitive posts include about sex and violence. If you do not place a warning in your post, we will leave a comment in reply to the post and warn you to edit it. If you do not do so, we will delete the post or friendslock it.

Rule 7: rp_discuss is not a RP Promo community. Unless it's in reference to your question or discussion please do not advertise your community or yourself as a player or general sites that are RP related here. To promote your community check out the various promotion communities available on LJ or drop a quick comment to this post. To promote yourself, also check out the different promotion communities available on LJ or drop a quick comment to this post. If you would like to affiliate your RP related website with rp_discuss please contact one of the mods, whose contact info is available at their profiles.

Rule 8: The FAQs of this community can be found HERE. If you feel the need to ask a question that has not been listed in the FAQs, please comment in that entry ONLY and, assuming it's a question that is on topic, we will edit it in the FAQs post.

rp_discuss has a two strike warning system. Warned once, we watch you, warned twice, you're gone. For flagrant offenders we shall show you the door directly.

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