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Mayfair DC Heroes RPG supplements available

This is probably a long shot, but does anyone here play the old Mayfair DC Heroes RPG? I have a complete set (volumes 1-3) of the "Who's Who Universe" supplements for that game (for reference, here's a listing on Amazon for volume 2 - http://www.amazon.com/Whos-Who-Universe-Heroes-RPG/dp/0923763503/ref=pd_sim_14_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=15CFJ90QJS0E8YCC8JS6). It's in a loose-leaf binder right now, no longer has the cardstock covers, and some of the pages have light corner wear, but they're otherwise pristine.

Anyone here want them? Make me an offer. I'd like them to go to someone who'll enjoy them.

Update: These are on hold as of June 8.

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Player leaves, character dies?

I've had players leave my game (for various reasons) and a number of times, they've assumed that their character would be killed off after they left.

This belief mystifies me, to be honest. I usually have the departing player's character move away, or take on a quest or job that occupies them for the rest of the game (e.g., "I must help my family defend their kindom!"), but I've almost never seen a character get killed off just because a player left the game.

Does anyone know where this belief comes from? Admittedly, I got into gaming later than some, so I may be missing something. I've heard stories about it happening in a fit of pique, but again, I've almost never seen it happen in real life.

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D&D Next (5E) is here!

So! It appears that D&D Next - or D&D 5E, or whatever you wish to call it - is upon us!

For those who missed it, the new Basic D&D ruleset can be downloaded from here.

Has anyone picked up the new PHB? Any thoughts, comments, ideas?

Is this an improvement over 4E? 3&3.5E? Pathfinder?

What do you like? What do you hate? What do you just find weird?

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[Humour]: A bit of light reading

My husband runs a biweekly game of Abney Park's Airship Pirates. One of the PCs is a journalist penning two-fisted tales of the crew's adventures.

During the last adventure, the boatswain asked the journalist what sort of books that, as a lettered man, he recommended the boatswain read. Without missing a beat, the journalist's player asked my husband, "Did Everyone Poops survive the apocalypse?"

It was several minutes before we all stopped laughing. I suppose it didn't help that I also suggested the boatswain might enjoy Go the F**k to Sleep.
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How do you NOT blow up the world?

So I am pretty notorious among my fellow players for making long-winded, interesting, somewhat torturous campaigns. But in a good way. Anyway, my campaigns tend to have another common thread--the big reveal. What I mean is that I tend to take the major plot of the game world--for example, Vampire: The Masquerade--and run with it immediately--in this example, the Apocalypse.

This makes for exciting games--the end of days, the coming of the gods, etc--but it also tends to paint me into a corner with that system. I've literally had a whole group of players go, "That was AMAZING! Now, let's NEVER play that game again!" And I honestly believe these people aren't lying to make me feel better... They are done with the system because I brought the major meta-plot to an enjoyable conclusion.

I guess my question is--how the hell do the rest of you keep from biting into that apple? For me, it started with Vampire, and continued on to D & D, Hunter, etc. Now I'm starting a new game system--Broken Rooms (www.brokenrooms.com)--and my brain is already in high gear about how to resolve the major plots in the game. Any advice for how to avoid this; not just in a game, but in an extended campaign?
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melted clocks and mind-blowing and shit

Hello there, I am new to this community and to role play in general. I have a situation I would like to share with you... any amount of feedback would be so greatly appreciated.

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Anyway, for some additional information!

-My name is Lindsey.
-I live about an hour outside of Chicago.
-I'm 25 years old
-I'm going though a deaf interpreting studies program and should graduate in about a year.
-In the mean time I'm a bartender.
-I'm rabidly obsessed with my dogs.
-I'm a bit of an artist: I can paint and do computer graphics fairly well but my best work is done in simple graphite pencil or charcoal. I'm also notorious for doing crafty side work involving rhinestones.
- I've been described as unique, crazy, unpredictable, sweet, unstable, adorable, friendly, and aloof by those who barely know me.
-Oh yeah, and I'm a lesbian, although I hate that word and would rather simply be referred to as gay.
-Again, I'm really interested in starting to rp. Any tips or advice would be lovely, and I wouldn't mind answering further questions. :)

What does "dressing room" mean in an RP context?

I've heard people speak of a "dressing room" here and in other RP discussion comms. I don't understand what the term means in an RP context, and Google and Wikipedia weren't much help to me. Could someone please explain?

I'm primarily a face-to-face/tabletop player, so that may be the source of my confusion.

Thanks in advance!
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